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If you didn’t already know, social media advertising has taken the marketing world by storm. By the end of this year, eMarketer predicts that television’s advertising spend of $71.29 billion will be eclipsed by an advertising spend of $72.09 billion on digital. Simply put, the whole world knows that digital advertising is where it’s at.

Out of the digital marketing avenues, such as paid search and AdWords, social media marketing – specifically Facebook – yields a much higher return on investment (yup, 95.8% of social media marketers say that Facebook gets them the highest ROI). Why the astounding ROI? Because Facebook boasts a whopping 2 billion monthly active users, 1.57 billion daily mobile users, and 1.18 billion daily desktop users – and that’s a whole lot of people your ads could reach.

Why Remarket to Your Leads?

With Facebook, not only can you open up the top of your sales funnel, getting you new leads and awareness, but you can actually remarket and nurture the leads you already have and, as every business-savvy entrepreneur knows, nurturing and remarketing to your leads is the key to getting conversions.

We all know the pang of seeing an abandoned cart or a free registration that didn’t lead to a sale, or an inquiry that remained just that. Remarketing actually increases the likelihood of a website visitor converting on your website by 70% and increases customer return and purchase rate from 8% to 26% when it comes to abandoned carts.

According to a survey by AdRoll, remarketing on Facebook results in an average increased click through rate (CTR) of 140%, a lowered cost per click (CPC) by 26% and a decreased cost per action by 33% – which is probably why in the US alone, B2B companies have increased their spend on retargeting by 51% in just one year.

How Can You Use Facebook to Remarket?

Easy! All you need is your customer contact or lead list. Facebook will take that data and let you connect with your customers and contacts right through their newsfeed!

What you can also do, is use the Facebook Pixel to automatically remarket to people who take specific actions on your website. For example, if someone adds an item to their cart and they don’t check out, you can actually remarket to them instantly when you have the pixel installed.

The pixel will be triggered; Facebook will collect that data, then the lead who abandoned their cart will see your remarketing ad.

Boom! It’s that easy.

#ProTip: Tailoring your Remarketing Creative

The most important thing to remember when you’re remarketing to your lists or leads is that they’re in a different stage in your funnel. They’ve already expressed interest, dug a tiny bit deeper and took a half-step in your direction. Now what you need to do is remind them why your business, product or service is what they need. People need a little reminding and a little convincing – I know I do!

By catering your ad messaging to the specific stage of the funnel your audience is in, you actually increase the chance for a conversion. If someone signed up for an account for your new web app, but hasn’t actually followed through and purchased, they don’t need to be reminded of who you are, they just need to be reminded of why they need you.

Now fix that leaky funnel!

We all want to increase our sales, get more conversions, grow our businesses – and not let our leads slip through the cracks. Whether it be a more efficient and intuitive way to communicate with your leads, or finding a subtle way to remind them that you’re there, a big part of that is understanding all facets of your business and using all of the tools available to you.

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Jennifer Sintime

Author: Jennifer Sintime

Jennifer is the Comm. Director for needls – the internet’s first RoboAgency. From blogs to educational marketing courses, she does it all!