Skrumble Technologies Inc has officially become a technical partner with the global technology company Hitachi.

Since launch in 2014, Skrumble has been working hard to become a thriving leader in communication technology in Canada. In 2015, we filed for over 30 global patents and began leveraging that technology to build our communication solutions. The Unified Communication platform was launched in spring 2017 and soon after, the development team launched Open API documentation as well.

Looking to utilize Skrumble’s robust functionality like group chat formation, voice and video calling, secure file and data storage, and the possibilities for all kinds of integrations, Hitachi partnered with Skrumble to build a Smart city security platform, and the Hitachi Visualization Suite was created.

With the purpose of improving existing police and security systems, Skrumble integrated automatic dispatch, evidence management, real-time analytics and collaboration into the HVS platform, and included Internet of Things (IoT) device integrations such as body cameras, Smart pens and Smart phones to power implement it all.

Once the program is officially launched, police officers, security workers and other first responders can efficiently document case details and safely store records in the cloud, all transcribed.

Skrumble is so excited for the incredible opportunity of being a global silver partner with Hitachi and is looking forward to scale our solutions globally together!

Check out the videos below to learn more about the partnership and the capabilities of our technologies:




Author: Shelby

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